Tucquan Glen '09

Dug up some shots from the fall of '09 at the glen.  Took a lil drive out there with the PCAD crew for some hiking and long exposures of the creek


LA Chillin'

I was fortunate enough to spend a few days on my way out of the country in LA and a few again upon my return. 

prime location

sunset @ Manhattan Beach


Wellington, New Zealand

A few shots from my home base in New Zealand. 

Top of the terrace overlooking the harbor/city

The Cube: Apt. 5J, Wellington, NZ

The Cube Complex is the apartment building I lived in in Wellington, NZ for five months. I really couldn't have asked for a better place to reside and spend my nights.  Amazing flatmates, amazing cooking, and some of the best times I have ever had hands down.  

 Justin Time lookin' educated on a Friday evening

Breakfast of choice: pouched eggs atop a thick slice of cheddar and whole wheat toast, smothered in T-Sauce

The Carv

the beard about a month n a half in
Evelien Kortum's Sunday feasts were always primo

River Valley Lodge, Taihape, New Zealand



6A Landcross Street, Wellington, NZ

Spent the better portion of my six months in New Zealand on this street...


 conor "clouds" neal (pre and post NZ influence)

 some of the sweetest kids i've ever met lived on the block...
 five years old and introduced himself as jackson pollock

the city of wellington