.ado james and the trading company.

ado james and the trading company put on a lil show at the note in west chester last night.


.frank lloyd wright's falling water.

while at washington & jefferson for the lil bro's matriculation to college pop and i managed to sneak off to frank lloyd wright's falling water house for a few hours.  i've seen pictures and read countless things about this iconic house but to see it in person is truly breathtaking.
a testament to wright's desire to work with nature instead of through it, not a single detail was overlooked in it's design and construction.  the way the house is perched atop the waterfall allowing the stream to flow as it would untouched achieves the exact effect he desired.  water not only runs under the house but through it as there are several places inside that allow water to enter and leave elegantly through grates and channels.
it's definitely a place that i need to visit many more times to begin to fully comprehend however this first glimpse has been incredibly rewarding.  a true work of art that has stood the test of time.




.kenya: the portraits.

shooting portraits in the states i have found that most people are uneasy about having an image made of them to be stored on some random hard drive for eternity or mass produced to be shown with them unknowing.  i have had to be creative and "sneaky" to make quality portraits in the US and i thought kenya would be no different.
over the two weeks i spent there i think i had two people deny me when i asked, one of which was carrying a screaming baby and the other was sweeping the streets.  in kenya people loved having their picture taken and most only want to see the image on my 2.5" lcd screen in return.  the occasional request for a hard copy has me in the studio printing off over a dozen shots to be mailed to the iconic subjects i have portrayed.  you don't say no to a man with a bloody machete who just took the lives of over 300 helpless chickens.  there are some truly amazing people shown here and i am blessed to have had the chance to meet them